Blurred Lines
Lace Cardigans

Hey guys long time no see ! With school and an internship I kind of put this blog on hold for a while so I hope you guys can understand. Now that summer is back I am going to be putting up these blogs hopefully everyday during the weekdays so be looking for these posts! First trend to start of this comeback is … lace cardigans! Most people I know are kind of confused on how to wear these light coverups so I want to give my 2 cents on how to approach lace cardigans. So first thing I noticed is that the loose lace cardigans tend to give a more bohemian look so they go well with the boho chic or softening up a minimalistic/sporty look. The tighter lace cardigans have a more lady-like, preppy feel- usually being tucked in a full skirt or worn as like cover-up for the summer. Going into fall these lace cardigans will be great for layering and adding texture to your outfits like lace cardigans under military jackets or bomber jackets. Overall lace cardigans seem to soften up a strong look, so they are great as romantic accents pieces in your wardrobe